"We'd like to thank
you for your fine
You are
knowledgeable of your
product, and very
helpful every step of
the way."
Linda and Daniel
Back Acres Hot Tubs
Nestled in NE Pa, Back Acres Hot Tubs is owned and operated by
Brandon & Krista Naylor.  

With several years of experience in the hot tub industry, we at Back
Acres Hot Tubs are experts at helping you design the spa of your
needs and/or dreams.  

We offer many different options to our customers.  If you are
looking for complete customization of a hot tub - We Can Help.  If
you are looking for warm water therapy along with some fun bells and
whistles (like stereos) - We Can Help.  Or if you are looking for
warm water therapy at an affordable price without breaking the
bank - We Can Help!

For 14 years we have offered the
Bullfrog Spas.  They are truly a
custom designed spa.  You choose from  8 shell colors, 5 cabinet
colors and our 16 patented JetPaks to customize the spa specifically
for your therapy or entertainment needs.  These are a high quality
hot tub.  

We are excited to announce we are now offering
Cal Spas.  If you
are looking for warm water therapy, but not looking to break the
bank, then the Patio or Escape Series by Cal Spas are for you.  
Priced right for every budget.

The most important part of both these units is that they are MADE  

Do yourself a favor and contact us about what Back Acres Hot Tubs  
can offer you.