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and thoroughly wonderful experience we had when purchasing our spa from
back Acres hot Tubs.  We had done the research, looked at the competition,
ended.  We found the best quality hot tub at very competitive prices which was
great, but the feeling that we were dealing with honest and caring people sealed
the deal for us.  Your professionalism and commitment to customer service blew
the competition away.  From allowing us to “test-drive” the hot tub at your
business (and the Harford Fair), to the final delivery, to the phone calls afterward
regarding chemical use and questions, our experience was nothing but fantastic.

We have had our spa for about 3 months now and using it at lest 5 days a week!  
We were skeptical about the lounge seat, as we had been cautioned that we
would get “blown out” of it, but we absolutely love it – it's the “best seat in the
house!”  the warm water therapy is so relaxing, and also helps relieve john's daily
battle with lower back pain and soreness.  The different JetPaks offer a total
body massage as you work your way around the hot tub.  We love the exterior
lighting and the spa monitor.  It's great to turn it on from inside the house and
have it bubbling and ready when we get outside!

Our experience has truly been better than we could have expected.  Feel free to
list us as a reference; we would be happy to share our experience with other
customers.  Thank you again and have a joyous holiday season.

John and Melody Pauly

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Bullfrog Spa hot tub.  First,
the purchase process was so easy.  You guys showed me all my options and
helped me choose what was best suited to my needs.  The delivery and set up
went flawlessly and the gentlemen were just that – gentlemen while on the

Cleaning the hot tub is so easy with the drain in such a convenient place.  I can
drain it and clean it and fill it in under 2 hours.  My old hot tub took half a day.  The
chemicals are easy to keep in range with the floating cartridge system.

the end of the day.  My old tub had two pumps, but not nearly the power of this

I splurged and bought the cover lifter – do it!  All those years of hauling the cover
around, especially in the winter, are over.

new 2007 Bullfrog 562 hot tub.  It is difficult to describe all the significant concept
and the large variety of customized therapeutic options available.  We wish to
specifically commend you for your guidance in selecting the specific JetPaks that
were best tailored to our expressed needs.   The design configuration you
selected for the JetPaks in our hot tub remains unchanged as they are placed
It is difficult to judge the energy costs for the hot tub as our residence is all
electric and energy use varies greatly from month to month; however, our bills
thus far are well below those for the same months last year.  We can only conclude
that the additional energy use is minimal which speaks volumes for the
construction and insulation of the hot tub.  Speaking of insulation, the Sunstar
Cover is attractive and very effective.  We specifically want to highlight and
recommend the use of the Covermate III system to easily lift and store the hot tub
cover when we are using the hot tub.  It is a pleasure to quickly remove and
conveniently store the cover without all the wrestling, sliding, and lifting that we
have known in the past.  The CoverMate III allows Judy to use the hot tub at any
time without reservations or fears of removing or replacing the cover.  Lastly, we
have found your recommendation to use the Spa Frog floating cartridge system to
be a very simple and effective means of ensuring the proper chemical and
sanitation requirements of the hot tub.

Judy and Al
Well, it's coming up on the anniversary of my discovery of the Bullfrog Spa at
I've never owned a hot tub before, but judging by what my friends have had to
repair on their models I think the Bullfrog Spa design addresses the issues of
water leaks from the hoses buried in the foam on the outside of the spa by
having them on the inside, behind the JetPaks....BRILLIANT!

When I called this past spring to see if purchasing one was feasible in my
space not only sis Brandon help me decide which hot tub model would suit my
needs but in 4 weeks he delivered it and expertly installed it in an even
better location.  The JetPak feature of movable stations is fantastic.  I was
able to move my favorite one to take advantage of my favorite
view...BRILLIANT!  By having the chemicals delivered slowly along with the
ozonator makes maintaining the water so easy...BRILLIANT!  By being so well
insulated the electric bill was hardly changed...BRILLIANT!

All in all it has been a no regrets purchase which I hope to enjoy for a long
the therapy benefits.  Jeffrey had back surgery that had left him with chronic
pain that made every day living a chore.  Being a contractor, his back is
always being challenged and pushed to the limits.  He would come home from
comfortable.  We used a vibrating massage pad, ice packs, heating pads and
professional therapy, all just a temporary fix.  Until our Bullfrog Spa came to
our home!  With the convenience of the spa in the backyard Jeffrey is able to
use it anytime.  He gets the warmth of the water to relax his muscles and the
massage of the jets to loosen them.  He can actually touch his toes with his
fingertips, something he couldn't do for over a year.  The Bullfrog Spa was a
lifesaver for him.  His quality of life is restored!

The Bullfrog Spa comes with a JetPak design, which actually lets you set-up
your won hot tub.  This feature allows you to pick the  type of message best
for your needs.  When you make a change you just pop the cover, unscrew
the cylinder. Remove and replace with another JetPak of your desire.  This
feature is great because you can never get bored with your hot tub.  You are
not stuck with the same built-in jets and the same massage.  It's that easy!

We are very happy with the service from Back Acres Hot Tubs.  Brandon and
Krista answered all my questions and helped in every step of the way to set
up our hot tub.  Jeffrey and I can  actually say this was one of our best
investments yet!

Your truly,
A Thankful Lady in NY