Hot Tubs Replacement Covers
Back Acres Hot Tubs provides a quality hot tub cover that is manufactured by Sunstar

Your hot tub cover is important in reducing heat loss from your hot tub.  Insulation value
is important in this process.  The foam cores, vinyl, and full heat seal gaskets all play a roll
in hot tub energy conservation.  

Sunstar Covers are made of Marine Grade Vinyl, are manufactured  with  a 4" to 2.5"
tapered slope for easy run off and carry a 3 Year Non Prorated warranty.

Sunstar covers also meet all ASTM Safety Standards and are the first hot tub cover to
receive UL classification.

Measuring of your hot tub can be tricky for some.  Back Acres Hot Tubs offers to come out
and measure your cover for you.  That way if there is a mistake it is on us and not you the
customer.  We will even dispose of your old hot tub cover for you.

Contact us today for pricing and additional information.